Thursday, May 27, 2010

How We Got Here...Part 2 - The Night She Officially Became a Hotwife

My wife and her “prospect” had met several times for drinks. They were moving slowly as it was her first foray into this potential new world. But now, she was ready for something a bit more private so they could get more physical. He suggested his house. I was fine with that so long as she was safe. My wife was comfortable with meeting him at his home and would text me periodically; so I agreed.

Leading up to this night, my wife maintained her innocence, saying that she wouldn’t go through with it (the sex). Perhaps they’d make out and that would be about it. She wasn’t quite ready to actually have sex with another guy.

I bought it. I figured she’d probably give him a blow job but wouldn’t have sex with him as I took her at her word. Not that it matters, she had my permission to do what she was comfortable with.

Well, as the night wore on and I watched the hockey playoffs with some chips and salsa; she periodically texted me so I knew she was ok. It was getting late and I figured she’d be coming home soon. Sure enough, she called to say she was leaving and said “Well, I did it.” My heart stopped as I asked her what she did and she said “I did ….it. I did everything…I had sex with him.” I nearly passed out. The adrenaline immediately started coursing through body. My hands were shaking. My voice trembled a bit. I held it together though and asked her about how it all went. She was a bit tipsy and light on the details. I hope she recounts the events here. Anyway, she said the sex was just ok, actually kinda bad. It didn’t really matter to me. I was so blown away by the fact that she actually went through with it. This fantasy I had for so long is now a reality. My sweet loving innocent wife just fucked another man…she’s like a kinky sex goddess…wow, incredible! It was almost like a dream. She got home. I tore her clothes off. And we went crazy on each other. Fantastic.

From my perspective, it was a really good experience. So good that I never really saw the freight train coming for me the second time she did him…


  1. Looking forward to your next installment....

  2. Don't stop now! Can't wait for the next installment...

  3. The first time she experiences the thrill is a major turning point. I found it actually deepened my relationship with my wife enormously when I "covered" for her with relatives and friends while she was spending an afternoon with one of her fuck buddies.