Thursday, June 17, 2010

How We Got Here...Part 3 - Bringing this Blog up to Date

So in the interest time and catching up, such that we can update this blog in a more timely fashion, I’ll have to provide some abbreviated entries to get this blog current.

The second time my wife and her new lover met, they met at a restaurant for drinks. They met for nearly three hours and had no play time afterward. That was ok with me, but it was at this point this started to get a bit difficult for me. Details were few. Three hours and so few things to report? It was also after this meeting that communications between the two of them became more personal. They texted and emailed directly (as opposed to the social media based email we shared before.) Nothing that was too big a deal in and of itself, but when all combined, left me feeling that some things had changed and I wasn’t sure I was comfortable with it.

In any case, they made another date. A hotel date. I was a wreck the whole week preceding it. The actual night was awful for me. It wasn’t any fun. I just wanted my wife home with me. To make a long story short, when she returned home and in the days following that, I had a lot of feelings to work through. We also had some communication issues to address. I hadn’t realized the intensity of the emotion roller coaster this would be. The key issues (as identified so far) are communication and the sense that wife and I are truly doing this together.

For example, the personal emails and texts were requested from my wife. She loves the attention and the occasional email to both of us wasn’t cutting it for her. She wanted something a bit more frequent and something to make feel…desired. This is where the communication comes in. Now, I always thought my wife and I were pretty good communicators, but that doesn’t cut it. To test these waters, you need great communication. We identified that and things are much better.

The other big issue is the sense that she and I are doing this together. When the texts and emails started, my wife did always share them with me, but sometimes it was after the fact. This made me feel as though it was no longer something we did because it was exciting for us, but rather something she did because it was exciting for her and I was kind of left out. It really played with my head. Going forward, she agreed to share the texting and emailing with me and to meet him.

I didn’t think I could continue this lifestyle, but these conversations with my wife were really open and great. I figured deep inside that these issues were addressable and we could fix most of them and we have made good progress. Next, I get to meet the guy and we’ll see where it goes…


In the days leading up to meeting him, I had to share the thoughts I was having with my wife. I fantasized about meeting him and, assuming things went well, we invite him back to our home where he and she could play in our guest bedroom. I would wait for her in our bedroom. She loved the idea.

When we met and had drinks, things did go well and he came back to our house. The two of them played in the guest bedroom and I waited for her in the master bedroom. Unfortunately, I had no fun whatsoever waiting for her. It was a grueling wait. It wasn’t as bad as the previous date they had, having her closer was better. But I still wasn’t having any fun, and that’s was this is all about…everyone having a fun time.

So, over the next several days, I told my wife about my feelings (there were other ones as well, but they were relatively minor ones which were worked out with our improved communication). It really boils down to a lot of buildup and sexual excitement and when the time for everything to come to a climax, I’m alone in a room. That just sucks.

So, my wife and I have been discussing options and agreed to have dinner with him again to see how he felt about different options…


We met with him again a few days ago and we talked about how I really needed more involvement. It actually went really well. He seems open to anything from me watching to having a threesome. My wife was kind of amazed. She’s very tempted, but isn’t sure she could handle that…yet. The evening ended well and we’ll likely get together again next week. What will happen…who knows.

One thing about my wife is that she isn’t sure what to expect. She asked that I write her a story describing how I saw things happening. I wrote it, and she loved it! But actually doing it would be a big step for her.

Also, the “texting together” thing is going well too. The other night, she was feeling flirty and wanted to text him. I agreed and even helped give her ideas on hot things to write. It made it hotter for her and I felt included (it was hot for me too)…good stuff…we’re all having fun. Hopefully, these positive trends will continue next week...

Thursday, May 27, 2010

How We Got Here...Part 2 - The Night She Officially Became a Hotwife

My wife and her “prospect” had met several times for drinks. They were moving slowly as it was her first foray into this potential new world. But now, she was ready for something a bit more private so they could get more physical. He suggested his house. I was fine with that so long as she was safe. My wife was comfortable with meeting him at his home and would text me periodically; so I agreed.

Leading up to this night, my wife maintained her innocence, saying that she wouldn’t go through with it (the sex). Perhaps they’d make out and that would be about it. She wasn’t quite ready to actually have sex with another guy.

I bought it. I figured she’d probably give him a blow job but wouldn’t have sex with him as I took her at her word. Not that it matters, she had my permission to do what she was comfortable with.

Well, as the night wore on and I watched the hockey playoffs with some chips and salsa; she periodically texted me so I knew she was ok. It was getting late and I figured she’d be coming home soon. Sure enough, she called to say she was leaving and said “Well, I did it.” My heart stopped as I asked her what she did and she said “I did ….it. I did everything…I had sex with him.” I nearly passed out. The adrenaline immediately started coursing through body. My hands were shaking. My voice trembled a bit. I held it together though and asked her about how it all went. She was a bit tipsy and light on the details. I hope she recounts the events here. Anyway, she said the sex was just ok, actually kinda bad. It didn’t really matter to me. I was so blown away by the fact that she actually went through with it. This fantasy I had for so long is now a reality. My sweet loving innocent wife just fucked another man…she’s like a kinky sex goddess…wow, incredible! It was almost like a dream. She got home. I tore her clothes off. And we went crazy on each other. Fantastic.

From my perspective, it was a really good experience. So good that I never really saw the freight train coming for me the second time she did him…

Tuesday, May 25, 2010

How We Got Here...Part 1 - The Backstory

We’re starting this blog to chronicle our experiences and our thoughts as we have begun this journey. No longer are we in the realm of fantasy. It is real now. We’ve officially taken the plunge.

This all began as a fantasy of mine nearly three years ago. I'm still not even sure why or what brought it about. Before that, the thought of my wife (who I absolutely adore) with another man was nothing short of sickening. Then, for whatever reason, it morphed into something erotic. The thought turned into something more like a fascination. It took hold and turned into a full fledged sexual fantasy. And that fantasy grew and grew and has basically raged ever since. There's something about the thought of my wife being so uninhibited and so purely sexual that is incredibly arousing.

My wife and I have been together for 10 years or so now. There’s no doubt in my mind if we weren’t so close and love each other so much, that I could have never allowed myself to even consider her having sex with anyone else. Much less, share it with her and eventually realize the fantasy and actually do it.

So, in the interest of time, most of the last couple of years was spent fantasizing and talking. At first, my wife was luke-warm to the idea at best. Kind of like, why would you want to think about me doing it with someone else? But at the same time, she kept an open to the idea or at least the thought of the idea. [The idea of this blog is for us each to post and contribute our thoughts, so I don’t want to speak for her too much].

So anyway, the fantasy grew to talk of making it a reality. She agreed that under the right circumstances, she’d do it. It took a little time, but I found (yes, I was the one looking) a guy she might find to be cute. She did and the two of them arranged to meet to get to know each other. This was in December.

They met and had drinks a few times. My wife actually complained that he was a slow mover and didn’t make any moves on her. It’s weird to hear a complaint from your wife that she’s disappointed a guy isn’t trying harder to make any moves on her. But this was our first time venturing into this arena and she told him she wanted to go slow, so we chalked it up that and stayed with it.

To move things forward, my wife and “the guy” had to go from restaurants to a more private location, so about a month ago, they agreed to meet at his house. And this whole lifestyle got kicked into high gear.